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Sinus Augmentation

What is Sinus Augmentation?

Sinus augmentation, also commonly called a sinus lift, is a surgery in which bone is added to your upper jaw. This addition is made in the region of the molars and premolars.

The Need for This Surgery Can Be Caused by Several Factors:

  • The loss of teeth in the upper jaw where there is less bone
  • The dissolving of bone structure when a tooth has been missing for a while
  • Bone loss due to gum disease
  • The positioning of a patient’s sinus

When posterior teeth are lost, often the remaining teeth experience extra strain. Crowns and dental implants can remedy the problem effectively, but unfortunately, sinus position can sometimes be too low to properly place the needed implants. The sinus floor can be repositioned to create space with a simple procedure here at Village Dental. Since bone must be added between the jaw and the sinus, the sinus membrane must be moved upward. Once the implant can be placed, we use grafting materials to encourage bone growth to keep the dental implant stable. If possible, we use an even simpler procedure by gently pushing up the bone under the sinus floor of the “dropped” sinus.

Sinus augmentation in Wake Forest is a simple and highly effective procedure with a success rate over 95% in studies. The procedure takes about 6-10 months to completely heal and allow for implants to be put in. At Village Dental, our extremely talented and experienced staff can help walk you through the process if this is the right step for you!

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