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What is Bonding?

There are a variety of minor dental issues that distract from a beautiful smile. These issues can include slightly discolored teeth, chipped teeth, or crooked teeth. A very common procedure, used for correcting stains, discolored teeth, cracks, gaps, and acting as a filling for cavities, is known as bonding. Bonding is a simple procedure that makes use of a white filling to correct slight dental problems. What makes bonding so appealing is that the filling is available in numerous tooth-colored shades so that your dentist can match your teeth’s natural color. This is a procedure that provides maximum visual appeal at a minor cost and with basically no discomfort. Bonding has become a natural choice for those seeking to make that great first impression with a confident smile.

It’s Advantages Include:

  • A smile that is very natural looking
  • A cost that is less-expensive than other cosmetic options
  • A treatment that is usually completed in one office visit
  • An easy repair in the unlikely event of a crack
  • A stronger bond with the natural teeth than other filling options

Bonding has essentially replaced the use of silver fillings in many situations. The visual appeal is far greater than the highly visible silver. In many cases, patients who have previously had silver fillings have opted to replace the silver with bonding. It’s always a good time to brighten up your smile!

For amazing bonding in Raleigh, Village Dental is the destination and known authority. Using just a composite resin, adhesive gel, and ultraviolet light, bonding can last over ten years and provide an affordable, great looking solution.

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