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Bone Grafting

What is Bone Grafting?

Sometimes a patient must have the amount of bone structure in his jaw increased. This is typically done to provide stability in the integrity of the bone structure in order to use dental implants. There are a couple of different types of techniques for bone grafting, but they can be placed in two basic groups.

When a more extensive grafting is necessary in order to build a dental ridge that is large enough to receive dental implants, it may be done as a totally separate procedure than the implants. This type may actually change the shape or the size of the jawbone.

In less severe cases, the jaw may be substantial and stable enough to receive the implants. However, it may needs smaller grafts in order to simply cover the sides of the implants. This can typically be done during the same procedure in which the implants are placed.

While bone graft material may come from a variety of sources, the preferred and common source is from the patient’s own mouth. A few other common sources include freeze-dried human bone retrieved from a tissue bank, processed bone tissue from animals, and a bone substitute created from minerals.

The use of bone tissue from sources other than the patient is similar to the use of blood from a blood bank. Many safeguards are followed and it is considered to be very safe.

Your dentists at Village Dental in Raleigh can set up a consultation with you to discuss this procedure and its benefits.

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