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Root Canals

No Need to Fear a Root Canal

Probably the things that can strike the most fear in dental patents are the notorious two words: root canal. But when you choose Village Dental for taking care of your root canal in Raleigh the processis simple and causes very litle to no discomfort.

What is a Root Canal?

Root canals are required when infected nerves nthe root of the tooth need tobe removed. left untreated theinfectioncanleadto much more serous problems, soit’ important thatthe procedure’s done quichly The area around the tooth s numbed, allowing our ‘experienced dentists tocreste an opening inthe canal and remove the infected tissue, Once the canals sealed back up. most commonly, ‘rown is installed over the tooth for aesthetics and healing purposes. Having a root canal performed might make some patients uneasy, but the pain-free results and ability to eat certain foods agains well worth Ontopof being the practice to goto in Raleigh for root canals Village Dental offers patients in Raleigh sedation dentistry. so thatthe trip to see us for your rot canal can be very calm and relaxing, I you are experiencing any pain or are affected by heat, cold or biting too hard please call and schedule an appointment to see us.
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