What Are Bridges?

For a missing tooth, sometimes the best option is to create a bridge across the missing area by using your existing teeth instead of an implant. The skilled dentists at Village Dental are the experts in Brier Creek for bridges that are fully functional, provide an excellent fit, and appear as natural teeth.

Bridges are made out of gold, alloys, porcelain, or metal, which ensures durability. The existing teeth on either side are made into abutments. Two crowns on either side are attached to the abutments, and the new tooth between, called a pontic, replaces the missing tooth. Dental bridges in Brier Creek, made by Village Dental, are created with great care to fit properly and look natural.

The process of being fitted for a bridge will take a couple visits. We will fit you with a temporary bridge, while waiting for the lab to carefully craft your permanent bridge. Once your bridge has been tailored to meet your unique fit, we will fit you with your new teeth, creating a solid bond. You will soon be back to eating whatever you like with no issues.

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